Autonomous zone in prague

Cibulka evicited…

Hello comrades friends and all the others

Our beloved squat cibulka was evicted in wednesday 6th of may
The police sent “tens of tens” (as described by the media) policemen in
heavy armor with a water cannon against ten residents and less than
twenty visitors of the run-down building. From those they then picked
out residents according to an in advance prepared list and took them in
for questioning. One of us got a suspended sentence in speeded-up
proceedings, seven others are prosecuted for so called unauthorized use
of property. We consider the intervention not only illegitimate, but
also illegal according to what is here called legal code of the state.
In spite of losing a place to live, in spite of the beating, threats,
bullying and contempt from the police, state offices and even “decent”
society, we remain free – our fight goes on!

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